Used panties, stockings and shoes

A tasty treat to take home.

IMG_3199Perhaps you’ve met me in person, or just admired me from afar. Take home a memento of our time together, or enjoy a fragrant sample of me at home.

I love the idea of you burying you face into my dirty, fragrant panties, breathing deep and feeling your cock grow hard as you fantasize about being used and abused by me. I delight in imagining my used stockings on your face, in your mouth, and then wrapped around your cock as you stroke yourself to an explosive orgasm. I revel in the thought of you knowing that you are no better than my laundry hamper, sniffing and licking my filthy underwear and loving every minute of it.

If you enjoy this image as much as I do, don’t wait, make it come true.  Items can be obtained during an in-person session, or ordered via mail. Please allow at least 48 hours notice if you wish to take home items after a session or contact me for shipping rates. (Items will be sent in plain packaging.)

Panties, stockings, socks and other garments

Shoes start at $100, prices will vary depending on style and requests.