Women, Queers, Sex Workers

I’d love to see you.

regent05If you’re a cis woman or trans or non-binary person of any gender, my services are available to you at a reduced rate. We face significant social barriers to accessing sexual services (such as stigma and discrimination) and are more likely to have economic barriers as well.

I’d like to provide you with a kinky experience that is not only authentic and safe (I’m queer and very involved in communities for gender and sexual minorities), but also affordable.

An hour of playtime is $200. Please get in touch for exact rates for other services and session lengths.

Sex Workers

As sex workers we put so much of our own sexuality into satisfying the needs and desires of our clients, that sometimes, we just need someone else to focus on our pleasure, our desires. Regardless of what you’re looking for, I’d like to provide you with a compassionate experience that centres on your needs.

My services are offered to fellow sex workers on a sliding scale. Please get in touch for more info.