New in-call and so much more

New Schedule My new space means that I will be available on a regular basis – most Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekday evenings. I look forward to the opportunity to build deeper, more intimate and intense dom/sub relationships that my new availability will provide. There are definitely perks to being a regular.

More Options for Play

I have several delightful friends who will be joining me on a regular basis, and who are available for solo sessions, duos and larger groups. Each of us provides a different look and range of services, but you can count on professionalism and personalized service in every encounter. I’ve also added a substantial wardrobe of silky, lacy lingerie in a range of sizes for those of you who like to get dressed up and explore your feminine side or just luxuriate in the feeling of being wrapped in satin, lace and nylon. Book a session now and discover what I have in store for you. friends1]]>