An immersive and intimate kink experience in Winnipeg

 Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, across Canada and International. Canadian pro-domme & BDSM fetish provider, available in other locations by request.


Still tingling. It was wonderful to see you. I find it interesting that, although I felt completely vulnerable I also knew I was very safe with you.

Thanks for a wonderful experience. Tonight I wrap those panties around my cock and stroke while I think of your smile, your laugh… and your incredible skill.

– Rob, Vancouver

Once again Thank You for a mind blowing session! You delivered all I expected and more. Definitely exceeded expectations. Your obvious enjoyment of what you do and the caring and generosity with which you do your work made the whole experience truly memorable.

If there is a heaven, I hope they have angels like you!

– B, Winnipeg

I want to thank you for taking the time and having patience with me.  I believe that my successfully reaching the end I sought in our session was purely a result of your professionalism and ability.  That – plus your personal attractiveness and the feeling you gave me that you were getting off, too, and not just a lady servicing a client.

– Peter, Winnipeg