Spring schedule: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa

Spring is upon us, and the end of winter has me energized, excited and ready to play.

Andre Lorelei and I had such a great time in Vancouver last year, that we’ll be returning April 26 – May 1 to play, punish and tease. See one of us, or even better, see us together. We are an exceptional duo with great chemistry and complimentary domination styles. You truly don’t want to miss out. 

From Vancouver I’ll be headed to Ottawa for a couple of days. This will not only be my first tour to Ottawa, but my first visit ever! I hope that Ottawa subs will ensure that they make an excellent first impression. 

I’ll be available in Winnipeg March 17 – 28, April 8 – 25, and then again when I return. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited, or if we’ve yet to meet, I hope you’ll join me in the dungeon soon, to welcome spring with all the vigour and enthusiasm it (and we) deserve.