Rates & Sessions

The practical details.


Play Time

Let’s play, just you and me. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned sub, I have just what you need. We can explore your kinks and pleasure in a variety of different ways. My sessions do not include typical sexual services, but pleasure is always a priority, and if you’re very good, I might just grant you release.

Fantasy fulfillment

Tell me your kinks, your fantasies and the experience you’re seeking and I will construct a hot scene for you that will push all your buttons.

Full submission

These scenes are about me and what I want. Your satisfaction comes from pleasing me, and I’ll use you how I desire (within your stated limits of course.) Expect some combination of service and delightful torment.


New to BDSM, not sure what you want? I can explore a variety of different sensations and activities with you, with a strong focus on figuring out what you like and what works for you.


Looking to bring BDSM into your relationship with your partner, but you’re not sure how to begin? Or maybe you’d like to learn how to do a specific activity in a way that is both safe and sexy. I’ll give you an intense, erotic experience, and knowledge and skills to take home.

  • One Hour (or less)
  • $300

  • An Hour and a Half
  • $440

  • Two Hours
  • $560

Service Only

You, pampering me

I love being pampered physically. Nothing makes me happier than a good massage, foot rub or pedicure. I want to lose myself in relaxation and feel like royalty. These sessions are about my pleasure.

Domestic service

Make yourself useful! Clean my bathroom, do my dishes, change the oil in my car. Or maybe you have a special skill set – let’s talk about how you can serve me.

  • Half an Hour
  • $140

  • Forty-five Minutes
  • $180

  • One Hour
  • $220

Social Outings

Meet ‘n’ Greet

A 15 minute opportunity to meet face-to-face in a public place, for those unable to meet my screening requirements, or for anyone who prefers to meet in person to gauge chemistry before committing to a session.

Dinner or lunch date

Let’s get together for conversation, camaraderie and a good meal, just you and me. I’m an adventurous foodie and always up for trying a good restaurant. Food and drink is on you.


I love shopping, for sexy clothes, shoes, sex toys and fun things for my home. Take me out to my favourite stores (or yours) and spoil me! (Please provide a budget of at least $100 for purchases for me.)

Entertainment or education

Shows, workshops, classes and other activities are always more fun with company. I’m up for all sorts of activities, from museums to trail rides, cooking classes, kink workshops, the opera or a movie. You buy the tickets.

For sessions that combine two types of social activities (eg, shopping and lunch, dinner and a show) an hour and a half is the minimum booking, and I recommend two hours, so that we’re able to fully enjoy our time together, without feeling rushed.

  • 15min Meet ‘n’ Greet
  • $60

  • One Hour
  • $200

  • An Hour and a Half
  • $260

  • Two Hours
  • $300

Contact me to inquire about longer sessions, including over-nights, travel and multiple days. For sessions longer than 2 hours, I require a deposit by email money transfer to confirm your reservation.

Multiple Dommes

Duos and scenes with multiple dommes are the above hourly rate for each service provider, unless otherwise noted. All duos require a deposit to book.


I’d love to see you with your partner. Please inquire about rates.

Special Considerations

Sessions that require a special venue or unusual props may incur additional fees, which must be pre-paid. Please provide me with ample notice to purchase any special supplies.

Payment Methods

Cash, Interact email money transfer.

Bitcoin. Please use XE to find the current exchange rate. There is a 5% surcharge for bitcoin transactions.

USD and Euro accepted at par.

Pre-pay Discount

Pre-pay your full session fee by email money transfer when booking and receive a 5% discount. Sample rates for Winnipeg: 1 hour with discount is $285, 2 hours with discount is $532. 

Pre-paid sessions are non-refundable, but sessions may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance without penalty, up to six months after the original booking. Cancelled sessions must be rescheduled within six months of the original booking. 


Both your time and mine is valuable. Sometimes things come up and you will have to cancel a scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible – the earlier the better.

If you repeatedly cancel, a deposit will be required to re-book.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice there will be a cancellation fee.

Clients who do not show up and do not notify me may request to re-book with the understanding that you will be charged the full fee for your missed session. The cancellation fee and the full fee for re-booked session must be paid by email money transfer to confirm your booking. Re-booking under these circumstances is at my discretion.