Friends & Duos

There's nothing I love more than having one of my amazing friends join us for a scene. We're more than just colleagues, we are long time friends with deep, intimate relationships that shine through in how we interact together in the dungeon and how intuitively we communicate and build a scene together.

Deeper relationships facilitate more meaningful and complex BDSM, so nothing quite compares to submitting to two or more dommes who know each other so well we can communicate with a glance, whose comfort and affection for each other is authentic and built on years of friendship and sharing subs/bottoms.

I love duos and group play so much that I'm offering a reduced rate if you see me with one or more of my friends!


Freya Rose

Winnipeg | $600/hour

Charismatic, powerful, and alluring is how most people would describe me. I love to tease, please and torment… my lush curves and delicious lips are a visual feast for your eyes, and my firm touch will have you begging for more, as your toes curl and your body quivers with desire. A session with me is a complete experience, that will have you eagerly awaiting our next intoxicating encounter together.

I have a toned hourglass figure, exquisite soft feet, and my porcelain skin is a canvas for many colourful tattoos.



Ruby Labelle

Winnipeg | $600/hour

I’m not just your average Winnipeg girl-next-door- I’m the girl-next-door bursting with charm, a genuine zest for life, a keen intelligence and plenty of naughty secrets.

While I may be slightly nervous when we first meet, I will very quickly relax in your company. Allow my engaging presence and feminine grace to put your mind at ease as we get to know one another.  I have lived on several continents, explored various career paths and numerous hobbies. My interests and life experiences are wide-ranging and eclectic, and I love learning from the stories of people I meet.


Andre Lorelei

Vancouver & Winnipeg | $600/hour

Alluring, enchanting, seductive, and more. I am intelligent and athletic, curious and sensual, and have been described as captivating – someone who easily becomes the focus of the room. (I love the attention, I'll admit.) Don't be fooled, I'm not sombre – I have a great sense of humour and love to laugh! Upon meeting, I promise to draw you in, enticing you and preparing you for what's to come.

Making you feel good makes me feel good, and my creative mind, strong hands, and toned body provide all the tools for ensuring you feel relaxed, sated, and of course, deeply satisfied.

While we don't get to play together near as often as I'd like, I have delicious friends around the world whose company I delight in whenever our paths cross.

Book us together on tour or set up a travel adventure with us.



Mistress Evangeline Ducharme

Touring domme | $600/hour

If you're longing to find skilled Dominatrix that will perform complex scenes, trust a well reviewed experienced professional to fulfill your fantasy. Torture doesn't have to be harsh, tantalizing you to create just the right amount of yearning will leave you helplessly lustful. Witty, elegant, controlling, seductive, powerful, endearing, twisted… you will surrender to my intoxicating supremacy. My domination style is best described as “the sensual huntress’s intuition” and I will tactfully track you down till you relinquish all control.

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