You have questions. I have answers.


  1. What kind of clients do you see?
  2. What about clients with disabilities? Is your location accessible?
  3. Are  your rates negotiable?
  4. How do you dress for our session?
  5. How should I address you?
  6. What is “headspace” and why do you ask about it on your booking form?
  7. Will you play without safewords?
  8. What if I recognize you? What if you recognize me?
  9. Should I shave before our session?
  10. What will you do with my screening information? Why do I need to provide it? What if I can’t/don’t want to?
  11. Why don’t you show your whole face in your photos? Can I see a picture of your face before we meet?

What kind of clients do you see?

I’m happy to see clients of any gender, as well as couples. Whether you are a beginner just looking for a first kinky experience or an well seasoned bottom/sub, I can create an experience that is sure to meet your desires.

I welcome clients of all races and ethnicities. 

What about clients with disabilities? Is your location accessible?

Absolutely! If you have any special needs or are concerned about accessibility, please let me know when you contact me. It’s best to do this well in advance, so that I can ensure my in-call location will meet your needs.

My usual in-call location has street parking out front, a near-by parkade, and a couple of street parking spaces for permit holders. There are ramps and elevators in the building.

Inside my in-call there is ample space around furniture to accommodate most power chairs, however the bathroom is small and lacks grab-bars. There is a standard bath tub/shower combination.

If you have accessibility needs that I cannot meet at my regular in-call space, I am happy to arrange an alternative, more accessible in-call space.

If you require an attendant, you are welcome to bring them to you session. If you anticipate needing additional time to get undressed, positioned, or for clean up, please let me know, so that I can ensure that adequate additional time is available before and after our session. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about accessibility.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, my rates are fixed. Please don’t try to bargain with me. If my rates don’t work for you, please see another service provider.

I will offer a trade for professional services in a very small number of circumstances. 

How do you dress for our session?

Unless you’ve indicated a specific clothing fetish (latex, shoes, stockings etc) I typically prefer to be naked or wearing comfortable, casual clothes when topping, so that I can easily move around. I don’t play the stereotypical femdom, all leather and stilettos. If we are going out for dinner or public play, I will dress appropriately to the situation – I can be casual and inconspicuous or turn heads.

How should I address you?

During our initial contact, please address me as Regent.

Once we have an agreement for power exchange, you may call me Regent, Mistress or Sir. Do not call me any other title unless we’ve negotiated it.

What is “headspace” and why do you ask about it on your booking form?

Headspace is about how you want to feel during our session and what kind of interpersonal dynamic you want between us. Often when we talk about BDSM, we focus on specific activities (eg, I want to be spanked, I want strap-on play), but have uncommunicated desires or expectations around the headspace we want.

Do you want me to be cold and mean? To verbally humiliate you and treat you like an object? Do you want me to be warm and sensuous? To tell you what a good sub you are and how much you please me? Do you want to have a fun, playful session, where we have friendly conversation while we play?

These are just a few examples that would create very different experiences even if we were doing the same activity, so this is why it’s important for me to ask about headspace.

Will you play without safewords?

No, I will not do a scene without safewords. It’s very important that I have your on going consent while we play.

In addition, I find that safewords are an important tool for playing with submissives who want to push their limits and when playing with someone new. While it might seem like doing away with the safeword might allow the scene to be more intense and edgy, in reality, having a safeword – knowing that you can stop the scene if you need to – expands my comfort zone in pushing limits.

While I love edge play and pushing your comfort zones, I don’t want to injure you or traumatize you. That’s not hot. If I don’t know you very well already, on going communication during the scene is the only way I’m going to know where you’re at. The more tools we have for communication, the better. I will always monitor your body language and and watch for signs of distress, and employ regular verbal communications, but with a safeword I can reduce the number of verbal check-ins I do, helping to maintain your headspace and fantasy.

What if I recognize you? What if you recognize me?

There is always a chance that we may have met before or have social connections in common. Winnipeg is the one-degree of separation city. I understand and value your need for discretion and I hope that you also value mine.

I wear many different hats in my personal and professional lives and I am excellent at knowing and maintaining good boundaries. This includes being extremely respectful of people’s privacy. If I know you from another setting I will mention it to you when we meet for our session, but I will never reference our professional relationship outside of our session and private communication. If I see you out in public I will not approach or interact with you unless it would be appropriate to that setting.

You may recognize me even if I have never met you. I have worked in a variety of professional fields and have appeared in the media several times over the last few years for reasons unrelated to being a service provider. If you recognize me or realize that you know personal identifying information about me, please respect my privacy and my choice to keep this part of my life separate from the other parts.

Should I shave before our session?

If you don’t normally remove your body hair and being shaved isn’t a particular turn on for you, then please don’t shave on my behalf. I like body hair on my partners and my personal preference would be for neatly trimmed. In addition, if your skin is not used to you removing body hair, doing so can be very irritating and itchy for you. 

I do have a strong preference for no stubble.

What will you do with my screening information? Why do I need to provide it? What if I can’t/don’t want to?

Your screening information will be used only to verify that you are who you say you are, to help ensure my safety. An unfortunate reality is that there are many men out there who wish to harm sex workers, and providing me with information is an important part of establishing trust. I will be inviting you into my intimate, personal space, and so establishing a sense of trust and security is essential.

If you provide your work information, I will call the number and ask for you. If you provide your land line, I will verify that it is registered to the name you provided. I understand that privacy is of the utmost importance in this business, and my business relies on my ability to be discreet. On the phone I will be polite, professional and will not reveal the nature of our business to anyone. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone – it is for my own use only.

You don’t need to provide screening info in your initial message to me, but I will ask for it before we book a private session.

If you’re unable to provide any of the screening information, I recommend booking a Social Outing in a public space for us to meet and get to know each other first.

If none of these options are acceptable to you, please consider seeing a different provider.

Why don’t you show your whole face in your photos? Can I see a picture of your face before we meet?

I obscure my face for a variety of reasons. I value my privacy and discretion, and prefer that only those who have completed my screening and made a commitment to see me are able to identify me. I also value my clients’ need for discretion, particularly if we are out in public together. Not showing my face online reduces the chances that they might recognize me and realize that you’re out with a professional. Finally, I enjoy having the freedom to travel internationally, particularly to our nearest international neighbour. Unfortunately, many professional companions have been stopped and turned away at the border, and showing my face increases the risk of this happening. 

For all of these reasons, I also do not offer photos of my face to potential clients. I hope that the photos and descriptions I do provide offer enough information to make you confident in your choice. If you’re still unsure, I recommend booking a 15 minute meet ‘n’ greet before committing to a full session.