Dear Mistresses,

Thank you all for an amazing time yesterday evening. It was a great pleasure, and a bit of pain 🙂 meeting and playing. Your are all totally stunning on the outside and I can tell on the inside, with the perfect mix of beauty, sweet, caring and WICKID!

I wanted to express how thoroughly I enjoyed our encounter.

Hopefully we can meet up again soon.

– Dale, Vancouver

Once again Thank You for a mind blowing session! You delivered all I expected and more. Definitely exceeded expectations. Your obvious enjoyment of what you do and the caring and generosity with which you do your work made the whole experience truly memorable.

If there is a heaven, I hope they have angels like you!

– B, Winnipeg

I want to thank you for taking the time and having patience with me.  I believe that my successfully reaching the end I sought in our session was purely a result of your professionalism and ability.  That – plus your personal attractiveness and the feeling you gave me that you were getting off, too, and not just a lady servicing a client.

– Peter, Winnipeg

Still tingling. It was wonderful to see you. I find it interesting that, although I felt completely vulnerable I also knew I was very safe with you.

Thanks for a wonderful experience. Tonight I wrap those panties around my cock and stroke while I think of your smile, your laugh… and your incredible skill.

– Rob, Vancouver

Writing a recommendation for a fetish / kink business is a bit like recommending your favourite pizza. I love anchovies on my pizza. I hate pineapples. I can rave about the anchovy pizza baked by Giuseppe, but I know nothing about his pineapple pizza. I know that I had an absolutely amazing session with Regent, but she tailored it specifically to my fetish requests, which I won’t elaborate.

I can tell you that she’s intelligent, articulate, a little nerdy and has a great sense of fun and, most importantly, balances those qualities with sensuality and a genuine dominant demeanour. Regent describes herself as “androgynous”. That shouldn’t put anyone off! She’s all girl, with looks that might be a little on the boyish / nerdy side and a lithe physique. I found her to be very sexy looking.

My encounter with her was a three hour session of all-consuming, sensual, lustful, dirty eroticism and it still brings a smile to my face and a stirring to my loins when I think about it four days later!

How can you tell if Regent is for you? Of course, you’d be looking for fetish / kink / domination but that’s as varied and diverse as the individual. She did her absolute best to address my particular fetish fantasies and did it with flying colours. I’m sure she would do just as good a job addressing yours (if they’re compatible with her interests, of which there are many).

She’s one of those rare women who actually knows what she’s doing when it comes to domination and she does it naturally. So, whether you’re an anchovy person or a pineapple person and you have that craving to explore a fetish fantasy, I would absolutely, definitely, wholeheartedly recommend Regent!

– Will2Serve, Winnipeg


The first thing you need to know about Regent is that she is incredibly sexy. I love a fine set of hips and I literally have to be beaten to get my hands off of Regent’s lovely backside. Fortunately Regent is just the person to do the beating! With strap or paddle or even with her hand she will take you over her knee or will bend you over to definitely let you know just exactly who is in charge.

Once you are bent over and your ass proudly shows the marks of Regent’s ownership expect to be taken by a true expert. Whether you want a gentle and trusting penetration or a full on ass pounding from your pretend FLR [female led relationship] girlfriend you will get exactly what you need.

Be open and honest with Regent. Communicate! Tell her your fantasy and open yourself up to whatever role it is that you truly desire. Regent is the most understanding Dom I have ever come across. If it is within her rules of engagement Regent will definitely bring your fantasy to life. She will leave you gasping, pleasingly sore, blissed out and ready to get back to your daily life.

Regent offers a wide variety of fetishes most of which I have not participated in as my needs are fairly simple. Check out her website and decide what it is that you would most benefit from. A session with Regent is truly a gift to yourself.

– D, Winnipeg


I would just like to thank both you and Carmen for the absolutely amazing time we had together last night. Carmen’s uniform looked amazing on her and the play was great. You as always played the part just right and I was happy to have my physical done by the two of you. This exam may have made me want to come to your clinic for a physical more often that once a year.

– Anon, Winnipeg

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