There’s something intensely hot about group play. Whether it’s being filled from both ends at once, or being held down by one beautiful woman while another beats your ass, some scenes just require more than two.

I’d love to fulfill your group play fantasies with one (or more) of my amazing, sexy and professional friends. Head over to my Friends page to meet them.


Duos FAQ

What is the rate for duos? 

The hourly rate for duos is the same hourly rate that is listed on my Rates page, per provider, unless otherwise noted.

Are your duos partners available for solo sessions?

Absolutely. To book a solo session with one of my duo partners, please visit their website and contact them directly.

What kind of services do your partners offer?

Each of my partners has their own limits which are different from mine. If you have a particular fantasy in mind, I’d be happy to recommend the best duo for you. Or if you have a particular provider in mind, just ask.

Will you do a duo with a service provider not on this page?

Maybe. Let me know who you have in mind and we can discuss it.